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After attending a photography evening class, I joined Ipswich and District Photographic Society nearly 30 years ago and I remain a member to this day.  It was through meeting like-minded people that my passion for photography was encouraged to develop.

I joined the Royal Photographic Society in 1985 and progressed through Licentiateship, Associateship and I gained a certain degree of notoriety in 1990 when I was awarded three Fellowships simultaneously in the Portrait, Applied and Pictorial sections.  At this time I received a great deal of help and support from the late Joan Wakelin, who was a great influence on me and helped me develop my `style`.

In 1990 I won the `Amateur Photographer of the Year Award` in the AP magazine, judged by Patrick Lichfield. The following year in 1991, I was invited to go on the RPS Licentiateship Assessment Panel and I served on this for 8 years.

I took up Natural History Photography in 1993 and managed to obtain my fourth Fellowship in 1998 with a panel of prints of British Fungi.  I really did get the Natural History  bug and it is in this area of photography that I have specialised for the last 10 or so years, and I currently sit on the `A` and `F` Nature Assessment Panel for the RPS.

 I have also received many awards in exhibitions - I hold a BPE5* award for over 300 acceptances in national competitions and also AFIAP for international acceptances and have sat on many judging panels for national exhibitions.

I was a confirmed film/darkroom user long past the time when everyone else had gone digital - in fact I was virtually the last person in my club to change!  I have finally given in to the digital onslaught and now wonder why I did not do it sooner!  One thing that digital has done for me is to enable me to branch out into other areas of photography and I now find I am taking more sport images, where I had previously done very little.  

Over the years I have derived a lot of pleasure from giving talks and showing my work to Camera Clubs, RSPB groups, Wildlife groups and many others groups both locally and throughout the country. Although I take my Photography fairly seriously, I always try to give the talks as light hearted an outlook as possible.

I have also started doing close up Insect Workshops in my own studio, and anyone interested in booking me for either a talk or workshop can get in touch with me via the Contacts page.

Also, anyone who has any questions regarding any of the images on the site can also use the Contacts page.

I hope you enjoy looking at the images which will be changed and updated regularly