Roger Hance FRPS Photography

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Harpenden Photographic Society

I just wanted to say thank you for visiting Harpenden P S earlier this week. You gave us a most enjoyable and instructive evening, and I've already had members asking me to book you again!

I thought the idea of basing your talk around panels was really good.  Most photographers don't think in terms of panels and I don't think club photography really encourages us to do so, with so much focus on getting the 'winning image'.  But you showed us so many excellent examples and on such a variety of subjects we couldn't help but be impressed.  I'm sure we'll have more members wanting to give it a try.

Gateway Camera Club

Thank you so much for coming down to see us at Gateway Camera Club last Thursday. It was a fantastic evening.

I think I can safely say, by looking at all the comments I have had from our members, that it was one of the best nights we have had for a long time! It was good to see images of so many different types of photography.

Most feedback has mentioned how lovely it was to see the before and after shots! I have a feeling members will be going through those discarded images to see what they can make of them now!

The humour and clear presentation you gave to the evening was a true delight.

Upminster Camera Club

Thank you so much for a superb evening last night. Everyone has sung your praises and having started off our diamond anniversary with fabulous photography from both yourself and your friends, you will be a hard act to follow. It was worth our annual subscription to see your lecture alone and please pass on my thanks to all your "friends"!!!

I am so grateful to you for all the technical info you have passed on and I know it will be well received by our members

Muswell Hill Photographic Society

I just wanted to say another massive thank you for coming to speak at our club last week. Many of the members have since told me how much they enjoyed it and that they are planning on getting a high-vis vest so they can get into sporting events!

Western Counties Photographic Federation

Just a short note to thank you so very much for your talk on Saturday.  It was both humorous and entertaining as well as being full of great images.

Many people enjoyed the day and were also very encouraged by your before and after shots…although some of us realised how much expertise was still needed to convert the negatives into great images.  The most revealing of course was the boxing shot that you ended with.

Wayland and District Photographic Club

Many thanks for visiting WDPC's Competitions Group last night and sharing your knowledge with us.  It was really interesting and very useful to see and hear the work done on original images to create the successful exhibition versions.

Using a camera to take an image is clearly just the start of the process!  We have a lot to learn about seeing the potential in an image, visualising the end result and not forgetting all the editing and processing along the way.  

Once again, many thanks for your presentation and for answering all our questions.

Potters Bar & District Photographic Society

First of all we want to thank you for an exceptional evening on Monday. I think perhaps you will have gathered that we were impressed by the variety of your work and its outstanding quality.  Many of us came away feeling that we had hardly scratched the surface of our hobby after seeing your images.  At the least you inspired us!

We do however want to see more of your work and especially your prints which we want to see properly in our light box.  As far as I can tell we have not seem "Not Everything is Black and White" or "Fours, sixes, eights, tens and twelves". Two intriguing titles which I cannot guess at the contents!

We do hope you will come back and see us.

Stevenage Photographic Society

Just a quick thank you for your excellent lecture last week. Everybody really enjoyed it!

Additionally, I have had a number of people ask me if I can book you next season for your new lecture you mentioned re the 'before and after images from various people' (I hope that's descriptive enough?!)

Clacton Projected Image Club

What a great show you gave to our club last night.  Everybody thoroughly enjoyed it. We also found it very interesting when you explained how you managed to take some of the photographs.  I wonder if you would be prepared to give us another talk next season?

Gravesend Camera Club

On behalf of the club committee and members, I would like to thank you for an excellent presentation on Monday evening.

I like to get as much feedback as I can before writing to our guest speakers, but the speed at which I gained an influx of positive comments enables me to give you an early and honest reaction. Our Vice Chairman, Geoff Birchall, summed it all up and spoke for us all.

I for one found it intriguing to learn about the meticulous way in which you prepare the ‘site’ and make up ‘sets’ in preparation for a shoot. As with many things, the planning and attention to detail always pays dividends and that certainly proved to be the case with your final results.

By including a bit about your equipment, and by giving tips and technical information as you went along, I’m sure our members are now better armed to venture into the world of macro photography.

Stourbridge Photographic Society

I would like to thank you, on behalf of Stourbridge Photographic Society, for a most entertaining evening that was enjoyed by everyone.

The variety of subject matter and picture quality was second to none; we were given portraiture, wildlife, figure study, sport and landscape, plus a series from the tough guy event.

It was good to see a mix of colour and monochrome images, added to by images with various software treatments.

All in all, a very comprehensive evening of first class photography.   

Again, many thanks and we look forward to a future visit.  

Hitchin Camera Club

Thanks for your marvellous lecture tonight about ‘Nature through a Viewfinder’.  The images were stunning and we learned a lot from your generous insights and advice.

Bristol Photographic Society

You gave us a splendid evening and it was enjoyed by our membership. So much so that several of them have asked me to book you for a return visit. We will sort out some dates in the near future for the beginning of 2015.