The following talks are more suitable for RSPB Groups, Wildlife Trusts, U3A Groups, Gardening Clubs, Horticultural Societies and WI Groups.  These presentations are not `photographically` based, and I talk more about the subject matter rather than `how the picture was taken`.
Some of the talks have two parts. 
These can either be combined and given in one evening to clubs who require a presentation lasting 1 hour 45 mins (with a short interval) or they can be given individually with each presentation lasting 50/55 minutes.
The Secret Life of a Wood - Parts 1 and 2
When we walk through a typical broad-leafed woodland, we do not always see the breadth and diversity of the wildlife which live there.  This talk shows some of the birds, mammals, insects, wildflowers, fungi and sometimes unusual subjects that can be found there, which although present, are not always visible until we look more closely.
Nature Through the Seasons - Part 1 - Spring and Summer
In Part 1 - Spring and Summer – We look at some of the flora and fauna that can be found in the British Isles during Spring and Summer. It covers birds nesting in early spring, mammals coming out of hibernation, spring flowers appearing along with the first insects, Fox cubs, Puffins and seabirds on the Farne Isles and much more.
Nature Through the Seasons - Part 2 - Autumn and Winter
In Part 2 – Autumn and Winter - I cover the ending of summer and the transition into Autumn and Winter. It covers Autumn colours, woodland fungi, birds feeding up for the hard weather and migrant birds coming in from colder climates. As winter starts to really take hold it shows Seals on the coastline, Barn Owls hunting and Waders on the coastal shorelines.
The Wildflowers and Orchids of the Countryside - Part 1
Part 1 of this talk covers a range of wildflowers as well as some of the orchids that can be found in the British countryside. It covers the types of plants you will find growing in different habitats – woodland, wildflower meadows, roadside verges, coastal areas as well as rivers and wetland areas.  Both parts of this talk are ideally suited for gardening clubs and horticultural societies.
The Wildflowers and Orchids of the Countryside - Part 2
Part 2 is a continuation of the previous Wildflowers talk. In this talk we look at more wildflowers along with plants that can be found in the countryside that would make you ill or even kill you. We also look at several plants that have medicinal properties and were used in olden times to cure illness. It also shows a further selection of wild orchids.
British Birds - Part 1 and 2
A talk in two parts showing the wide diverse range of birds that we have in the British Isles.  It covers garden birds, birds of moorland and heathland, birds of woodland, birds of rivers, birds of coastal estuaries and birds of prey. It also covers our seabird islands and coastal areas, and birds that visit the UK to breed every summer. It shows some birds that are in decline due to various factors, including loss of habit, but also birds that were once quite rare in this country, but are now doing very well.
Attracting Birds and Wildlife to your Garden
This is a shorter 50 minute presentation followed but questions at the end. I show some of the birds, mammals and insects that you may find in an average garden. I also show the best ways to attract a range of bird species and provide a safe environment for them. It explains how growing the right plants will attract butterflies and providing a pond will encourage both frogs and amphibians, as well as giving birds an area to drink and bathe.
Life in the Undergrowth
This is a shorter 50minute presentation followed by questions at the end. In this talk I show the wide range of butterflies, moths, dragonflies, damselflies, insects and invertebrates found in our woods, countryside, towns and gardens. It is only when we look at the `world in miniature` that we realise just how fascinating the wide variety of natural history found in the British Isles is. It also looks at some of the wildflowers and fungi that a can be found growing on the woodland floor.
Landscapes and Seascapes around the British Isles
This is a shorter 50 minute presentation which takes us on a journey to some of the fantastic landscapes and seascapes that we have in the UK.  Many of us travel abroad for our holidays, but there is no need when we have such stunning scenery in the UK. In this presentation I will show you that although we may not have the warm weather and sun that some climates abroad have, we still have areas well worth visiting. It covers, Devon and Cornwall, Snowdonia, the Lake District, the Scottish Highlands, Northumberland Coast, the Peak District, Dorset, the Yorkshire Dales and East Anglia.
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