This talk covers two of the most used approaches for bird photography in the UK - Hide Photography and Stalking. I explain the pros and cons of each approach - how to bait and use props to enable birds to come within photographing range of a hide, as well as how to get close enough to birds in the wild when stalking. I explain the current equipment that I use , and how the lightness and technological advances of the OM System have enabled me to obtain shots that would be quite difficult on a normal DSLR system. I also talk about 'Paid for Hides' which have become increasingly popular in recent years. 
I give information on some of my favourite areas in the UK for bird photography: Bempton Cliffs, Elmley Nature Reserve, The Farne Isles, Gigrin Farm, Dovedale in the Peak District, The Yorkshire Moors, and Lakenheath Fen. 

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