In this talk I explain the thinking and construction when producing a set of images into a cohesive panel. Most camera club members can produce individual images successfully, however working in ‘themed panels’ requires a different approach. It explains the ‘thinking’ behind constructing panels and where this method of working is most suitable. An example would be someone contemplating going for an RPS distinction, which is a totally different genre of working compared to someone contemplating the PAGB distinction. 
Images produced on a theme may not individually win awards, but when viewed as part of a panel, can look quite striking.  By constructing them into themed projects, you can convey a different way of presenting your photography. There are over 20 different panels in the talk. Subjects covered are Red Squirrels, White Water Canoeing, Rugby, Boxing, Infra-Red Landscapes, Candid Portraits, Table Tennis, Birds in Flight, Fungi and much more. 

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